Akron, Hudson, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls and Tallmadge Ohio Residential Power Washing

For 34 years, Pitz Power Wash has been effectively cleaning and protecting many surfaces to enhance and restore the natural beauty to your biggest investment, your home. Pitz Power Wash is a family owned and operated company that is licensed, fully insured and is leading the way in the house washing field with hundreds of new satisfied customers each year. Pitz Power Wash is one of the oldest and most recognized power wash companies in the Akron, Ohio area for house washing and deck restoration service.

The exterior surfaces of your house are always subjected to damaging substances. Dirt, mold, mildew, birds, tree sap, shotgun fungus, environmental pollutants and more can actually penetrate surfaces causing them to degrade, discolor or stain. After time passes, this condition only worsens ruining the beauty of your house and could lead to expensive repairs such as painting or replacing siding. Aluminum/vinyl siding manufactures recommend that siding be power washed at least every 3-5 years depending on your location, (such as near highways, baseball fields, busy streets ect. will need to be cleaned more frequently.)  to maintain the warrantee of the siding. To increase and maintain the beauty, value and warrantee of your house, Pitz Power Wash is highly recommended from hundreds of satisfied homeowners each year for regular scheduled cleanings.

Pitz Power Wash residential services include power washing and restoration to houses, decks, gutters, front porches, walkways, driveways, concrete & brick patios and more. Pitz Power Wash can drastically lessen the effects of nature depending on the regularity of cleanings. Pitz Power Wash only uses high quality residential cleaning agents that are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe for children, landscapes and pets.

Pitz Power Wash is the only company that uses an on-board water filter and water softening system to aid in the cleaning and rinsing process. After cleaning agents are applied on the house using the Pitz Power Wash soft wash system, the surfaces that need extra attention are hand scrubbed with soft bristle brushes and extension poles.  Siding is protected from ladders up to over thirty feet thanks to our effective extension pole system. After that the house is rinsed off thoroughly with clean, soft water, Pitz Power Wash can apply spray wax to homes to protect the siding and increase time between washings effectively and inexpensively. Pitz Power Wash also offers the application of sealers, stains and paints for protection of other surfaces such as house trim, shutters, garage doors, decks, concrete-brick driveways, patios and more, quality sealers, stains and paints

 The final results from this process will astonish you!

KEEP IN MIND it’s too late to check on a company’s insurance status AFTER the damage has already been done. While Pitz Power Wash makes every possible precaution to improve your home, we are fully insured and a affiliate of the better business bureau for your protection.