Wood Restoration and Preservation

Wood restoration & preservation is one of our specialties. Before Pitz Power Wash does any job, we listen and work with the homeowner to make sure they are going to get the results they are looking for out of the wood project. Our trained technicians are members of the WRPI (Wood Restoration & Preservative Institute) and are certified Wolman contractors. Our experience over the last 33 years of wood restoration will ensure that not only will your deck be protected from the environment but will also enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home.

When cleaning wood, Pitz Power Wash uses only professional biodegradable and EPA safe chemicals that are recommended for the surface of the wood that needs to be cleaned. Depending on the surface, some wood types may only need to be cleaned while others may need to be stripped or even replaced. When cleaning or stripping is needed, our specialists at Pitz Power Wash uses the recommended wood cleaning /stripping chemicals and low pressure soft wash to clean the wood surfaces, making sure not to damage the wood, but that the wood is free from dirt, mildew, wood fibers and all other contaminants. A clean wood surface is very important. 

After the wood surface has been properly cleaned, repaired and sanded if needed, it is then ready for the finish. Pitz Power Wash service techs will then apply the finish/preservative by spray, roller & brush, making sure that the finish/preservative is absorbed into the wood properly. We always use only the finest, most up-to-date wood care finishes/preservatives available on the market so you know that your investment is properly protected from the environmental pollutants.

WOOD RESTORATION INCLUDE: Pine, Oak, Cedar, Maple, Cypress, Redwood, Hickory, Cherry, Apple and Palope.

OTHER TYPES OF DECKS AND FENCES RESTORATION INCLUDE: Wood, Vinyl, laminated and all different types of composites.

OTHER RESTORATION PROJECTS INCLUDE: Sheds, Garages, Play sets, Brick-Concrete Patios-Sidewalks, Driveways, Docks, Ramps, Landscaping ties and more.

To do the best job for you, Pitz Power Wash has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to do the job right the first time. The final results WILL impress you! We have hundreds of satisfied customers available to you upon request.